Granting Access on File or Folder to User of other Groups in Solaris

Forgive me for the mouthful title of this post. setfacl -m default:user:myuser:rwx,mask:rwx MYFOLDER Missing user/group owner, other, mask entry You used the -s option, but did not include the required user::, group::, and mask:: entries. Another cause of this message is attempting to add a user or group-specific default ACL (e.g., default:user:reo:r-x) to a directory […]

How to Display Slideshow on Second Monitor

So you’re asked to present your PowerPoint slides to a group of people on a multimedia projector. Easy, right? Just connect the video cable to your laptop, mirror your screen to the projector and bang, there it is. But what if you have other things on your laptop that you don’t want to display to […]

Oracle PL/SQL Equivalent for SPACE

For those who are familiar with TransactSQL (SQL Server/Sybase), there is this function named SPACE(n). It generates n number of spaces when called. Unfortunately, it has no direct counterpart command in Oracle PL/SQL. However, there’s an alternative and it work just fine. Here’s the sample. SELECT ‘->|’ || RPAD(‘ ‘,5,’ ‘) || ‘|< -‘ spacer […]

Oracle XML Nested Elements


I recently encountered a request to generate XML in one select query in Oracle to address the problem on the Cartesian table on the query created by another developer. It also addresses the additional overhead from the java program that transforms the data. As we know, Oracle has a number of handy xml functions that […]

Oracle Sequence Skipping Numbers

Ever wonder why there are missing numbers when you get the NEXTVAL of the oracle sequence? We’ll it turns out that the sequence cache is affecting this. Basically, your session is assigned with a range of numbers, say 20(default). So when you logout of your session and then login and hit the sequence again, you’ll […]

Install jpegoptim in CentOS

If you’re an adsense publisher, you might have noticed the scorecard the middle-right side of the Adsense screen. It gives us valuable insight on how to improve the performance of our website. and one of the persistent Red flag I see for the sites I manage is the image optimization problem. Fortunately, Google is not […]