Could not locate OCI dll Error

If you are using 10g client with PL/SQL developer, you may encounter the message “Initialization error: Could not locate OCI dll” when launching PL/SQL Developer. It does not happen with the 8i client so I already suspected that it must be with the 10g client that I recently installed. Luckily, I found this thread in Oracle OTN forum and the solution seems to be easy.

All I have to do is copy a whole bunch of files from the ORAHOME folder to ORAHOMEbin. It seems like PL/SQL Developer is hardwired to find the files under the bin folder. It did the trick and my sql editor is now working. I hope it fixes yours too.

Here’s the screenshot of the files I copied. Take note that I copied them instead of just moving so as not to break anything.


16 thoughts on “Could not locate OCI dll Error”

  1. Same problem here.
    I have no files in my ORAHOME folder, only subfolders. So I don’t know what to copy. Can you please publish the screenshot or mail it to me?

  2. That’s indeed the answer. Which is kinda horrible. I have some simple Oracle client for 11g installed which already has a bin directory…alas, it contains stuff related to mts etc. What a mess…

  3. Hi,

    I encountered the same issue with Oracle 11g when I was trying to login using PL/SQL Developer.

    I came across some steps which are worth sharing. And its clean means no ddl copying is involved.


    1) Login to PL/SQL Developer
    2) Go to Tools
    3) Click Preferences
    4) Click Connection in preferences pop-up
    5) Select “Orahome90″ under Oracle Home dropdown
    6) Apply the changes
    7)Close the PL/SQL shell
    8) Login again to PL/SQL Developer

    And the error is no more.

    Hope this post is worth to all the people encountering the same problem.

    Ravi Bhatt.

    1. Dear Ravi,

      I saw your response for this post. i am also facing the same problem.But i am using oracle 10g. PLSQLDeveloper version is 5.0.3 . in the prefernece menu of tools menu oraclehome doesn’t display any oracle home details.It’s EMPTY. But i can connect TOAD using my oracle 10g. it works fine. PLSQL dev not referring oracle TNS names.

      Could u pls provide solution for this ?


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