With limited time and a couple of blogs at hand, posting regularly becomes a challenge. Aggravated by more work at your day job makes it more difficult. You need to be creative to be able to cope up with this kind of challenging situation. We need to balance our work life, blogging life, and of course our own life.

And one particular technique that I’ve been implementing is blogging while traveling and in my idle time while not at the office or at the comfort of home and internet connection. It feels the gap and make a rather dull travel into something useful.


  • Make Time More Useful– while in the train, you don’t have to just count the number of people
    getting in and out of the train. And you can sit down in a corner blogging while your wife is shopping!
  • Keep Tabs on Idea-especially important when something interesting
    crops up while daydreaming inside the train or something happens interesting and worth blogging.


  • No Sleeping-but you can always skip blogging if you really need to.
  • It’s another manifestation that you are a blog addict!
  • It’s another way to annoy your wife/gf.

Tools to Use

I’m currently using gmail for mobile on a N73 phone. It serves me well as I can email the post directly. However, any text editor available on your phone serves just as well. So any smartphone or pda is suitable.

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