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comfort host panel down

I had a major database problem in one of my sites the other day (more on that later). Though I was able to rectify that with my backup, I wanted to restore my VPS from it's daily backup using the control panel of ComfortHost. Unfortunately, I cannot access the main site and neither the panel site. That's odd since my VPS is still up. Since the control panel is down, you cannot raise any ticket.

I tried again today but the site is still down. I tried to look for complaints in webhosting talk and surprisingly, there's not a lot of complaints. I was able to find one thread with reply from Quell. Apparently, their main website is hosted in a third-party company so that in case their DC is down, the customers will still be able to contact them. unfortunately, it is their third-party host that is having some problems now. Anyway, here's the explanation of Quell in webhostingtalk.

I want to reiterate that my server is up. Only the control panel is down. Not a deal breaker for me but I hope they manage to resolve their problem with their host.