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granting access on file or folder to user of other groups in solaris

Forgive me for the mouthful title of this post.

setfacl -m default:user:myuser:rwx,mask:rwx MYFOLDER

Missing user/group owner, other, mask entry

You used the -s option, but did not include the required user::, group::, and mask:: entries. Another cause of this message is attempting to add a user or group-specific default ACL (e.g., default:user:reo:r-x) to a directory when no non-specific default ACLs (e.g., default:user::r--) exist.

This is explained in detail in the link below.

Default ACL on Directory Final Command

setfacl -s user::rwx,group::rw-,mask:r--,other:r--,default:user::rwx,default:group::r-x,default:mask:rwx,default:other:r-- MYFOLDER
setfacl -m default:user:myuser:rwx,mask:rwx MYFOLDER

Is it the same in Linux?

I think it should be the same. However, I haven't tried yet. I'll update the post later once I tried it.

the -s does not work in Linux. I simply use the following:
chmod g+s MYFOLDER
setfacl -d -m u::rwx,g::r-x,o::r-- MYFOLDER