how to cancel dropbox upload

There are times when you inadvertently upload large files from your phone to your cloud storage like Dropbox. And when you're on an area with weak 3G/HSPA+ coverage, it will take forever to upload the file. The other problem is... it will drain your battery. That's exactly what happened to me last night. What's more annoying is that I can't cancel the Dropbox upload. At least, I don't know how.

Apparently, it's simple via the little known function via the Settings.You can cancel your uploads via

  1. Settings-->Retry failed uploads

  1. Settings-->Clear uploads

Here's the screenshot.

I'm a big fan of Dropbox and that's why I have it in all of my devices. I stopped bringing my USB flash disk after I started using it. It's just so simple and here in Singapore where there's internet everywhere, it's even more useful. I have it on my Samsung Galaxy SII. Instead of using a cable, I just upload the file via Dropbox and access the same file on my desktop.

I have one suggestion to Dropbox, though. If they can put that menu somewhere else other than the Settings, it would be better. It's not very intuitive to dig into the Settings to do it. Besides, settings is where you set your configurations. Cancelling an upload is an action, not a setting. But still, I love Dropbox.