how to display slideshow on second monitor

So you're asked to present your PowerPoint slides to a group of people on a multimedia projector. Easy, right? Just connect the video cable to your laptop, mirror your screen to the projector and bang, there it is. But what if you have other things on your laptop that you don't want to display to everybody in the room? We'll, just extend the monitor and you're good to go. But then when you start the slide show, it shows on your laptop screen(which is your primary monitor) and not on the second screen. That's not what you want to happen. What to do now?

Change your slide show settings by doing the steps below and your problem will be solved.

Slideshow on Second Monitor or Projector

  1. Extend your monitor - there are different ways to do it and largely depends on your laptop. You might want to check your manual. On my Lenovo X230, it's Fn+F7.

  2. On your Powerpoint slide, click on Slide Show menu.

  3. Choose Monitor 2 generic PnP on the Show Presentation On: dropdown

  4. You're all set now so click on the Slide Show to start the presentation

An alternative to this is to click on the "Set Up Slide Show" button and choose the second monitor in the "Multiple monitors" --> "Display slide show on:" dropdown menu.
Just to clarify, this happens because by default, PowerPoint sets your primary monitor as the display screen for the slides. Truth be told, I only learned about it a couple of weeks ago.