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how to ssh into google compute engine via putty

I've been using Google Compute Engine for a few months now and I'm happy with their browser-based SSH Client because I can login to my server even if I'm behind a firewall (e.g, worksite). However, the client is understandably limited and slower compared to Putty. Google's explanation on how to do it is confusing at best.

Luckily, a lot of people feel the same and one guy named @feczo wrote a gist to explain how to set it up

  1. Download Putty and PuttyGen (Key Generator)
  2. Generate key in PuttyGen.
  3. Save the privatekey file into your local machine.
  4. Copy to clipboard the public key
  5. Stop and edit your GCP instance and then paste the SSH public key in *SSH KEYS*
  6. In Putty, create a new connection and browse the private key file (step3) in Connections-->SSH-->Auth-->Private Key File for Authentication

Here's the complete instructions with screenshots.