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jing : free screencapture for mac

The default screen capture of Mac, command+shift+4, is good. I can specify the part of the screen I want to capture and it's automatically saved into a PNG file. It's very simple and straightforward. But the longer I use it, the more I miss Greenshot. But that's not (yet?) available for Mac.

So enter Jing. It's a watered-down version of SnagIt. I've used both SnagIt and Jing before. While I used SnagIt extensively on my previous job, I no longer have a licensed copy of it. And before I found Greenshot, I was actually using Jing. So when I found out that Jing is also available for Mac, I downloaded it.

It's still the same Jing that I used as a beta two years back. I can capture a screen, a window or part of it and then add annotation. Once done, I can either save the image into a file or into the clipboard which I can paste into a Word document. It's non-intrusive. It now has a hotkey which was lacking in its beta form so that's another plus.

But what I miss with Greenshot now is the obfuscation tool and highlighting. Actually, the overall look and ease of use of Greenshot is way better than Jing. But for now, Jing will work for me. It's free, so what can I complain? :)