keyword stuffing problems

In a continuously evolving environment of Search Engine Optimation, it is very common that techniques from yesterday may not work today. One of the most popular and sometimes overly used(even abused) method is keyword stuffing. That is, using the specific keyword or key phrases in your article(including titles) even when not necessary. But it worked and provided good results until search engine algorithm became more sophisticated.

Below are some of the most abused methods I used that now delivers the opposite.

Title Stuffing

Two years ago, it works flawlessly. What I do before was simply put the keyword in the title even if it doesn't sound good. When concatenated together with the blog name in the title, the keyword sometimes appear three (3) times. When you read it, it doesn't really look and sound good but it was necessary to help rank the post in the ranking. That is until the result is the opposite of the expectation.

Title in the Body

I used this method without thinking of any repercussions to the post's search engine ranking. Actually, I mistakenly placed the title within the body of the post and enclosed it with h2 tag. As a result, I have a title(h1) and an h2 tag with exactly the same phrase. For more than a week, I keep asking why my post is not showing in the first page of SERP despite little competition. My post are being trumped by "unoptimized" post from fellow bloggers. That is until I removed the duplicate title in the post. An hour after removing it, my post is already at No. 1. It was too late for that topic but at least, it opened my eyes.

Excessive Use of Keyword in Post

When you see a particular word repeated all over the post and used at least once in most of the sentences, the author is evidently stuffing the post excessively with keywords. It is sometimes marked in bold letters you can see all over the article. I don't know the correct keyword density but anything excessive should be avoided. You don't want the search engine flag any of your posts, right?


As in any other things(especially liquors), you should use/consume them in moderation and on top of that, you must be vigilant on what works and not. What works before and what is now considered bad. To keep up with ever changing SEO world, one must adhere to the guidelines set by Google. Being the dominant search engine player, it is . No matter how much you hate it.