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monitor oracle db server processes

To see DB processes running on your Oracle DB, the code below can be used. Specially handy if you want to check which part of your package or stored procedure is taking time to execute. Indispensable for performance tuning.

SELECT sess.sid, sess.serial#, sess.sql_child_number, sess.sql_exec_id,
sess.process, sess.status, sess.username, sess.osuser, sess.program,
sess.schemaname, sql.sql_text
FROM v$session sess,
v$sql sql
WHERE sql.sql_id(+) = sess.sql_id
AND sess.type = 'USER'
--AND sess.osuser = 'yourwindowslogin';

Equivalent in SQL Server/Sybase

The equivalent command in Sybase or SQL Server is SP_WHO. However, the Oracle version provides more information.

For now, just this. I'll provide additional details later. For additional fields, try to check the schema of v$session.