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moving out of cloudflare

I've been using CloudFlare for several months now but I decided to disable it the other day on one of my money sites. Here are the few reasons why I decided to do this.

  1. Huge dip in visitors and pageviews. Admittedly, this could be caused by Penguin and Panda. However, I do not implement anything blackhat on this particular site. It's a money site so I'm very careful with it. The site is regularly updated and has good on-page SEO.

  2. Server Load Issue Still Exists. With less traffic and the supposed caching, it's hard to believe that I still experience the same amount of server restart due to problem on connection.

  3. Not Always Online. If you're on Free account, your site will go down the moment your server goes down. I was quite surprised by this because the way I understand it, CF will serve my cached site. But it doesn't happen. This probably explains the previous item.

  4. Captcha Challenge- I can't believe the 40-50% of traffic that is being blocked by CF even at the lowest level of protection. Most blocked people fall under "No antivirus installed" and "Captcha Challenged".

  5. 60% Decrease of Adsense Revenue. It could just be coincidental

These are just few of the issues I have and I’d like to emphasize that CloudFlare may not be the real culprit on my current woes. That’s the reason why I’m stopping it only for one of the money sites. I just want to remove CloudFlare on the equation.

I still think the service is great and for the price of Zero dollars, you can't really complain. I can’t say that it sucks but I also cannot say it’s great. I guess this service is not really for me. Or maybe if I paid a few dollars, I get a better service. I don't know but for now, I'm suspending the service on my main site. I'll leave under CloudFlare for the time being. If the SERP ranking of my main site improves in three months, that means I need to terminate my account.