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nordic vps is down again

I'm a long time client of NordicVPS and it is really sad that their service level is going down the drain lately. First, it was the billing and payment issues. Lately, the unscheduled downtimes.. and now 4 hours on, the whole nordicvps site is down. For the month of November, I already experienced at least two long downtimes (5 hours and more). Sadly, a few of my money sites are hosted on my vps with them. Apparently, they have problems with their German servers.

However, speculations is rife that the reason the servers are down is because NordicVPS hasn't pay yet. Here's a screenshot of one of the posts in Webhosting talk.

I really hope that it's not true.

My friend, Crixus, experienced more than a week of downtime and his tickets still unanswered. Admittedly, his site is up now but he's planning to move elsewhere. He already paid 6 months in advance.

I'm thinking of moving to another unmanaged VPS hosting, too. It's a painful process again given the number of domains I have in my NordicVPS account. I think I still have some credits with them, too. I'll try to do it slowly. My concern is, most of the sites I host there have pagerank and if I move it to another server, the PR will be gone.

Sad, really sad.

**** UPDATE ****
Server is now up!!!!
However, the train has left the station. Time to wind down this server. :( I wish Sean and his team good luck.