As state in the title, this post is about turning off the bind variable in SQL*Plus. Actually, this is also applicable in PL/SQL Developer and Toad but I’ll be discussing more on SQL*Plus. You see, I have a problem wherein whenever I load my backup data (saved as insert statements) and there are ampersand (&) or colon(:) somewhere in the script, SQL*Plus will ask me for an input. Of course, I don’t need that because as a backup, I want to load the data as it is. And when migrating 60MB or more, then it isn’t funny to update the query one by one. The good thing is, I don’t actually need to update the query because there’s an answer to my problem. And it’s pretty damn simple.


set define off

Oh yes, that’s just one line that will solve my misery. Well, it’s all about my ignorance. To turn back on, then do the opposite as below.


set define on

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