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sbl-eim-00205: failed to load the application dictionary

If you hit the error in the title, the best thing to investigate this is by looking at the log file. In my case, I found the log below.

Error SBL-EIM-00205: Missing temporary column for S_EVT_FUL_REQ.X_SR_ID from

That gave me an idea that there could something amiss in the data dictionary. Hat tip to my Siebel Consultant friends for pointing me to the data dictionary cache files to begin with.

So this is what we did.

Try the following to resolve the issue:
1) Reapply latest changes in the table
2) Delete diccache.dat and eimcolrelcache.dat file from SiebSrvr\Bin directory.
3) Restart Siebel
4) Try running the EIM job again


Some Thoughts

I couldn't have find the cause of this if I did not ask somebody. That's why it comes handy if you have the Siebel Administrators as your friend.

No thanks to the Siebel Bookshelf.