split-shared hosting

What is Split-Shared Hosting

Split-Shared is popularised by the webhosting company CrucialWebhost. It is achieved by using virtualization in a powerful server to create multiple virtual private servers (VPS) and thus, splitting a server. Now, each VPS can then be shared with by a small number accounts and virtually isolated from other accounts in the other VPS in the same server.

In the case of CrucialWebhost, their enterprise grade server comes with Dual Intel Xeon 5450 Quad Core Harpertown processor and 12GB of RAM and 1 local RAID will be split into the following detail:

  • 10 VPS per server

  • 1GB per VPS

  • 25 accounts per VPS

In all, a server can have a maximum of 250 accounts grouped via VPS. But since each VPS runs independently with other VPS in the same machine, there's less chance that a heywire website will affect your account so long that that problem site is not on the same VPS where your account sits on. The setup, with 2GB RAM to spare allows CrucialWebhost to dynamically ramp up the memory allocation for accounts that requires it.

Is it Right for You?

For a start, it doesn't come cheap and that would deter much of the would-be clients. But if your sites are already earning money and uptime is critical, I guess it provides one of the best bang for the buck. So if you are just starting and don't have the money to shell out, this may not be for you.


The introduction of "split-shared" hosting is a good development in the hosting market. Having less clients per instance means there are less competition on resources. But just as important as the hosting service, support is equally important. And it is very important that we read the fine prints that comes with a package.

I admit that when I started with this industry, I was easily attracted by huge numbers of space and bandwidth. Had I inquired further, I wouldn't have encountered the downtime problems. But that's part of the learning process. So we must remember that reading and understanding every details of the package allows us to make an informed decision.