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tutorial for wordpress plugin writing

I've been looking for a good wordpress plugin creation tutorial for some time already and though I found quite a number of them, there's always something missing. What I found were like piece meals and I have to connect the dots myself.

That's the case until I found Ronald Huereca's tutorial posted at DevLounge. His tutorial is concise and direct to the point. It was easy to read and follow and most importantly, it follows the object-oriented approach in WordPress plugin development. Making a plugin in object-oriented way presents a lot of opportunities and lessens the headache in development.

To give you a preview, I'm listing down the table of contents.

Table of Contents: How to Write a Wordpress Plugin

  1. How to Write a WordPress Plugin - Introduction

  2. Seven Reasons to Write a WordPress Plugin

  3. How to Get Ideas for Wordpress Plugins

  4. Structure of a Wordpress Plugin

  5. WordPress Plugin Actions

  6. WordPress Plugin Filters

  7. Constructing a WordPress Plugin Admin Panel

  8. Constructing a WordPress Plugin User’s Panel

  9. WordPress Plugins and Database Interaction

  10. Using JavaScript and CSS with your WordPress Plugin

  11. Using AJAX with your WordPress Plugin

  12. Releasing and Promoting Your WordPress Plugin

To view the tutorial, you can go over to Devlounge's How to Write a WP Plugin. Alteratively, you can also download the tutorial in pdf form by clicking this link.