UNE 10.10 is sooo slow on my Asus eeePC 1002HA! On its current form, 10.10 is just not usable for me. It’s so slow and I need to tinker on settings to make things work. That’s something that put me away from migrating to linux earlier. One example is mounting of my hard disk partition which I don’t need to do in the previous versions.

The Solution?

Stay away from UNE 10.10 and you’ll be fine. Basically, Mark Shuttleworth advises that netbook users stick to Ubuntu Netbook 10.04 LTS for the mean time. That means no Unity Desktop for you, at least for the time being. Fixes are scheduled (I assume) for the Natty Narwhal release — 11.04 which is said to merge Ubuntu Netbook to the desktop edition.

Here’s the relevant Bug Report in launchpad. By the way Mark Shuttleworth is the founder of Canonical, the company maintaining Ubuntu linux distro. I mentioned that because I was surprised that Mark involved in the discussion of this bug.

If you already installed 10.10 (like me!), I suggest you revert it back to 10.04. I have since reinstalled it on my Asus 1002HA and spent a couple of hours more for the updates and software installations. It’s such a shame that I did not check on this issue earlier before upgrading. The bug report has been there since October.

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