This is a bit of a rant rather than a tech note.

As I’ve writtern on my previous post, I initially installed Ubuntu Netbook 10.04 on my ASUS eeePC 1002HA and upgraded it everytime a new version comes out via Ubuntu Software Center(easy and intuitive). So when the last update came out the other week, I just updated the OS. However, I delayed the required restart as I was still doing some important things that time. Everything went fine until I restarted.

The system failed to reboot! Luckily, I have copies of the documents I have there but I don’t want to re-setup my webserver! Not to mention the numerous softwares that I already installed on it (ok, that’s easy to reinstall and they are all free but then again???).

After trying fruitlessly, I decided that I needed to reinstall the OS. But before that, I tried to repair the installation but for some reason, the only option in the Live CD is to remove it. Well, that’s because Ubuntu is only running on dual-boot mode.

So I ended up deleting the install, reinstall the OS (still dual boot) and I’m now listing the additional softwares I need to install. It’s a pain but what can I do?

I’d like to make a review on the new interface but I realised it’s better for other people who are more familiar and more technical to do the review. But what I can say is that the Unity desktop looked different. I’m still trying to get used to it.

All I can is it’s too slow! It seems like the Unity interface doesn’t fit right into the netbook. I’m using ASUS 1002HA. And I’m not the only one experiencing this. A quick look at the bug tracker shows you this. Will be switching back to 10.04(lucid lynx). Glad I still have the file. Very sad.

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