Oracle PL/SQL

utf_file and directories

In case you are maintaining a pl/sql program developed by someone else and that program writes into a file, then basically that file is written to a folder/directory. And since the directories are saved in codes, you have to find the meaning (or location) of those codes. The code below will help you display the information required.


The query above will display all the directories accessible to the current user. They are folders in the server where you can write your output files. For some reason, I forgot about this twice already and had to scour the web to find it. The problem is, I also forgot the keywords. So, I'm writing it now.

To register new directories, you can follow the example below.

create or replace directory mydir as 'c:mydirectory';

To use, run the code below.

f utl_file.file_type;
f := utl_file.fopen('MYDIR', 'myfilename.txt', 'w');
utl_file.put_line(f, 'just another line text 1');
utl_file.put_line(f, 'just another line text 2');