I have been customizing wordpress themes ever since I started using it. I also made several themes from scratch for my websites. Though making a theme from scratch is fulfilling, customizing a freely available template simply makes the process faster. As they say, why do you have to reinvent the wheel? But the problem with free templates for use as baseline is that they usually look the same. And most are simply garbage. So what’s the alternative? Shell out some money for a premium theme.

And shell out, I did! But it took time for me to find very affordable set of themes that suits my needs and taste. As most of you know, premium themes cost an arm and a leg. We’ve seen wordpress templates that costs above $80 apiece and you can only use that in one domain. That’s the main reason why I shy away from it until I found Elegant Themes. At a price of $19.95 per year, you’ll be able to download all their current themes plus future releases. I got 17 A+ themes when I signed up and more to come in the coming months. That made the price of each theme a little of $1. That’s a fraction of the cost my time if I do the coding myself. And their themes are all XHTML/CSS compliant and compatible with major browsers including Opera, Safari and Netscape.

What’s good with Elegant Themes is that they don’t require you to. However, the themes are not released through GPL. That means you cannot redistribute the themes with your changes. This makes the license of the template incompatible with WordPress template which is released through GPL. But I don’t really care for now.

Here are some of the themes.

basic_eleganttheme egamer_eleganttheme
grungemag_eleganttheme studioblue_eleganttheme
From basic to elegant themes

I’ll be using this on my soon to be launched game site


The links to ElegantThemes are affiliate links. If you buy, I’ll get a small portion.

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