I’ve been encountering this for a number of times already and on each time, I had to upgrade WordPress manually(through SSH to make it faster). Now, I was able to partially solve this by removing/renaming the existing upgrade folder under wp-contents. You can follow the steps below.

  1. Login to your server via FTP
  2. navigate to wp-contents folder
  3. rename the existing upgrade folder to a new name(you can also choose to delete)
  4. under wp-contents folder, create a new folder named upgrade
  5. set permission of the new upgrade folder to 666
  6. re-run the upgrade from within wordpress

The one thing that I noticed in this problem is the fact that it only happens on my WordPress installations on VPS. All other sites sitting on a shared cpanel-powered hosting do not encounter this. So there must be something wrong with my VPS configuration.

I’ll need to find that out because there’s still one annoying step that needs to be done before upgrading a WP installation. If you have over a dozen sites to update and they are sitting on different servers, it becomes an issue. A one-click solution would be most welcome.

Do you have any idea how I would be able to solve this?

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