I’ve been a customer of Crucial Webhosting for almost a year now and lately, I’m having problem with them. Apparently, Crucial Webhost has an unwritten term of service that you bars you from placing more than 50,000 files per account. No matter what kind of files they are, you are just limited to that number. So if you are running several addon domains to your account, you’ll be out of luck. And that’s what happened to me. Because on my account, I host several other small domains and that caused the problem.

But looking at the problem, I just can’t get it. They offered 250GB of file space that comes with 2.5TB of bandwidth and yet I can’t use them all? That’s totally ridiculous. What’s the use of so many file space if you can’t use it? In that sense, they stoop down to the level of Host Gator.

To compute through simple math, 50,000 files of 1024KB each is 51,200,000KB or 51,200MB or 51.2GB. That’s just a fraction of my allotted space. And we’re just talking about 1MB files. What about your config files, your template files, the scripts and all the other files needed to run your website? And how about that 2.5TB? Since I do not have a high traffic website, I only use a tiny fraction of it.

Do they suck? I don’t know but I feel shorthanded. I did not get what I paid for. They never told me that there’s that 50k inode limit. I signed up for their service because their split-shared package is really good according to reviews. I like most the fact that your account is sitting on a max of 30 accounts per vps that limits the probability of your site going down together with other accounts sitting on the same server as yours. And I paid US$215 for the whole year at a discount price if you compute it with the US$22 monthly they usually charge.

And all the trouble isn’t really compensated with their so called reliability. Because they’re not that really reliable. I found out that some servers Crucial Webhost went down last November. And there goes reliability.

So I’m now on a shopping for a better host. Maybe a VPS will be in order.

2 Thoughts on “CrucialWebHost Limits Files

  1. cwh customer on March 17, 2010 at 1:26 pm said:

    I completely agree.
    They are over priced with horrible plan and services.
    You will end up jumping hoops just to meet their usage policy.
    customer service are rude sometimes.

  2. Peterson Sam on July 9, 2010 at 11:36 am said:

    Great site, I will add your feed to my Google Reader

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