I’ve been using WordPress for several years now for blog-type publishing but never used it for a full scale CMS. For more complicated sites, I use Joomla. The latter is more powerful, flexible, extensible, scalable and with tons of plugins and templates to choose from. But because Joomla is a full-featured CMS, complexity comes with it. A lesser mortal like me would take time to implement changes, much less when I try to create application on top of it. On the otherhand, WordPress doesn’t really consider itself as a CMS platform but instead “a state-of-the-art publishing platform”. And since it’s core purpose is to publish, a lot of people say that it is not scalable among other things which is true.

But with the rise in popularity of WordPress, it has evolved in a more robust application framework where you can build your application on. It still lacks a lot of features other CMS have but it has all the important ones. It has become an increasingly flexible framework where you can build your application on. And with the help of talented template designers, has moved the presentation of WordPress sites even higher. And despite its improved capabilities, WordPress still managed to maintain improve it’s uberly simplistic and almost idiot-proof administration interface.

I think a post over at graduallythensuddenly.com on “WordPress Makes Drupal Irrelevant” explains it further. And if you want to make your application adhere to the MVC(model-view-controller) framework, somebody has just explained how to do it over at nixonmcinnes.co.uk.

And as for me, is it time for me to use WordPress on that web application that I’ve been postponing for the longest time? You bet, it is! And as a matter of fact, I should have started earlier. Actually, I already migrated one custom-script-powered website into wordpress over the weekend out of necessity.

But this decision to migrate to WordPress doesn’t mean I’ll be dumping Joomla altogether. I’ll still use Joomla and will still be my choice for full-cms and complex website for the time being. However when it comes simple blogsite to magazine type websites, WordPress is the way. And one of the added indispensable bonus is the ease of administration. It’s so damn simple, it’s almost idiot proof.

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